Wikibio - The Wiki for BiographiesEdit

The wiki about biographies and personal attestation to historic events, that anyone can edit.

As part of the wikia site the articles on this wiki can be connected directly to wikipedia or any other wikimedia content.

As opposed to Wikipedia, the articles here are about personal biographies of any real or fictional person, or time-lines of historic events with minute - some would say trivial - details.

Verification of contentEdit

Every biography or historic event description, is entered as unverified. Once proof is shown the writer may request to list the entry as verified. There may also exist discussions about topic requests, or future topics, before these are actually entered.

Profanity or defacementEdit

This wiki does not allow profanity or defacing, and may legally pursue anyone who enters content of that sort.


Facts on pages may be disputed, via the talk-page of each article. Pages may be marked as "under dispute" in order to call the dispute to the readers attention. In severe cases users may request deletion or content reform.

Fictional biographies or eventsEdit

Fictional people or events who's biographies are depicted, must be known in literature or the media. An auto-biography must be marked as such. Topics on fictional characters or events which are unknown, will be deleted, and the users will be marked as vandalizing.

Wikibio managementEdit

Wikibio is seeking as many people as possible to help with the monitoring and management of this site. There is currently an open "management request" list, for anyone who wishes to join.